United States Olympic Committee

The United States Olympic Committee is a non-profit organization which serves the National Paralympic Committee and the National Olympic Committee for the United States. The organization also coordinates the work of various international sports federations, the world anti-doping agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Even though the organization is chartered under the Title 36 of the United States Code, it does not receive any regular assistance from the federal funds. Therefore, it competes with other non-profit charitable institutes for sponsors.

The United States Olympic Committee is managed by a board of directors. There are about 10 members in this board that consist of executives from corporate America, people from various sports federations and former athletes who have participated in the Olympics.

The organization needs to solicit funds from time to time due to the fact that it is not supported by the government. Therefore the fund raising efforts need to be managed and initiated via public service announcements and direct solicitations. There is also some that comes in from the sales on the online store that the committee runs.

The United States Olympic Committee manages and operates various Olympic training centers. These are the places where aspiring Olympic athletes prepare for the competitions. The main facility is in Colorado in Colorado Springs. This is a place that offers training facilities for summer and winter sports. This is also the place for the headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee.

The ARCO training center is located in Chula Vista, California. There is a lake in the facility that helps in training in canoeing and rowing. There is also an Olympic center at Lake Placid in New York for inter sports including permanent facilities for ice hockey and figure skating. The Olympic rowing team practices at the US Olympic Rowing team Training Facility on Lake Mercer in Mercer County Central Park. Other than the training, the United States Olympic Committee also gives awards for the USOC Athlete of the Year, USOC Coach of the Year, USOC Olympic Hall of Fame and USOC Olympic Spirit Award.


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