Purpose of the United States Olympic Committee

The stated mission statement of the United States Olympic Committee is "To support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserve the Olympic principles, and thereby inspire all Americans." The culture of the committee is one that is full of commitment and creativity. The entire atmosphere of everything that the committee does has a competitive spirit to it.

The stories of various Olympic athletes inspire everyone who works in the organization. The vision of the organization is to allow every athlete in America to achieve the Olympic or Paralympic dream that they may have. This is done by providing the right environment for those who want to train in the various sports that are included in the Olympic.

The United States Olympic Committee is recognized by the Olympic Committee. This committee is considered to be the only entity that is involved in training athletes who are at the international level and entering and underwriting athletes for the Olympics. The committee does not provide facilities and training only for the Olympic athletes. It also has responsibility of spreading an overall environment of competitive sports across the country.

Since the main objective of the committee is to train American athletes to participate in the Olympics, they run and manage various training centers. These are the facilities where the sports people trains and prepare for the Olympics. The facilities are managed extremely professionally in order to provide the best training ground, best nutrition and best comforts to the athletes that are preparing to compete in the Olympic Games.

In order to promote and encourage various people participating in this movement, the committee also presents awards for the Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year, Olympic Hall of Fame and Olympic Spirit Award. There are also various sub categories of these awards to include all genders and sports.


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